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Introducing the CL-7 affinity tag system

Proteins play a central role in biotech and pharmaceutical research. As many as 80 percent of all drugs in development are either based on select proteins or act on proteins. More than a thousand drug candidates remain unexplored due to protein-related problems, with as many as a third of all membrane proteins having not been isolated at all.

That is why TriAltus Bioscience is working to transform protein-based research, making it easier and more affordable to obtain high-quality materials needed in the lab.

We believe researchers want to spend more time making discoveries in the search for new therapeutics, and less time working to produce their target proteins in the purity and quantity needed. Learn more about how our CL-7 affinity tag purification system can help. 

High purity and superior yield in a single step

Multi-step production losses are avoided

Achieves 97-99% purity after single step

Streamlined process reduces cost as much as 80%

Management Team

Bob Shufflebarger

Co-Founder and CEO

Dmitry Vassylyev, PhD

Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

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