Is the CLiM Affinity Tag System compatible with E. coli and mammalian expression systems?


Where is the tag positioned: N-terminus or C-terminus?

The CL7 tag can be fused to the N or C-terminus. We off different vectors based on the needs of your protein.

Which protease do you use for elution?

We use PreScission protease or SUMO protease.

What tag is on SUMO and PreScission protease?

SUMO protease contains a His-tag. PreScission protease contains a glutathione S-transferase (GST) tag.

Which plasmid should I use?

Visit our Plasmid Guide for details.

Can you regenerate the resin? How many times?

The Im7 resin can be regenerated with 6M guanidine and reused many times with no significant loss of binding capacity.

Are kits available for first-time users of the CL7 tag?

Yes. We offer starter kits: https://trialtusbioscience.com/collections/kits-and-buffers

What conditions do you recommend for proper column storage?

We store columns in a solution of 20 mM Tris pH 8.0, 0.5M NaCl, 5% glycerol. For longer-term storage, we add sodium azide at 0.05% final concentration.

What happens to the resin if it is stored at -20°C?

Freezing temperatures are not good for the resin and will likely harm it.

Do you do custom protein purification?

Yes. Please contact technical services to arrange a consultation :info@trialtusbioscience.com


What is your turnaround time?

24-48 hours after receiving an order.

Do prices include shipping and handling?

No, for orders in the U.S., shipping is $25. For orders outside of the U.S., shipping is $125. For orders that require dry ice, there is a $50 handling fee.