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Im7 Resin



Not sure which plasmid to use? We’ve created this plasmid guide (recommendations & cloning options) to help you select the right plasmid.

TriAltus has a wide-range of E. coli expression vectors that provide different features for your protein. All vectors are kanamycin resistant, controlled by a T7 promoter, and overexpression is induced with IPTG. GenBank files of each plasmid’s sequence are available for download.

Group 1

Membrane Proteins

Group 20

N-terminal Expression and CL7 Tags

Group 30 Plasmids

N-terminal Expression and C-terminal CL7 Tags

Multi Subunit Plasmid

Test Substrate Plasmid

CRISPR Protein


Looking for more resources? Want to test it yourself?

Reference our protocols for more information. We offer a limited free sample program for researchers who would like to validate our system in their own labs. For further inquiries, please contact us directly at to discuss your needs and how CL7/Im7 can be integrated into your research.

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