Custom Purification Services

TriAltus offers customized expression and purification services for customers looking to outsource their recombinant protein purification needs. From plasmid synthesis to scaled purification, the TriAltus team will communicate every step of the way  to ensure that your desired result is achieved. 

Advantages of our CLiM™ protein expression and purification services

CL7's ultra-high affinity to the Im7 ligand means that purification often only takes a single chromatography step. This saves time, requires fewer reagents, and lowers costs. The salt-independent affinity allows for high salt washes to remove impurities early on, resulting in an ultra-high purity product (>99%). CL7 may also improve the solubility of certain proteins which can help to avoid inclusion bodies and subsequent refolding steps. The CL7 tag is cleaved to elute the target protein using PSCP, SUMOP, or another protease present in your vector.

Purifying challenging proteins

The CLiM™ system has a track record of purifying difficult proteins including: multi-subunit, DNA/RNA-binding, membrane, toxic, and biosimilars. If you are struggling to purify a protein, let our expert team of scientists take you from failure to success. 

Quotations and ordering

Request a quote by filling out the form below with details about your proposed purification project. Include information such as: protein name, DNA or protein sequence, desired amount in mg or cell culture in L, purity, and intended applications. Each project is unique and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.