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Unlock the full potential of your protein research with our highly efficient SUMO Protease! SUMO Protease can be used for cleaving both natural SUMO-modified proteins and recombinant SUMO fusion proteins. This powerful site-specific protease targets the tertiary structure of the Ubiquitin-like SUMO domain. It hydrolyzes the peptide bond in the x–Gly–Gly–x sequence after the di-glycine bond, ensuring precise cleavage without leaving any residual amino acids.

Whenever possible, we advocate for the utilization of SUMO Protease during CLīM elution to achieve swift and effective release of tag-free, exceptionally pure target proteins from our Im7 resin.

Elevate your purification protocols and accelerate your protein research endeavors with our SUMO Protease today! Contact us to learn more about its applications and benefits.

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