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Plasmid #09

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Plasmid #9 allows for the expression of membrane proteins with C-terminal His8 and CL7 tags. It also encodes an engineered signal peptide from the Bacillus halodurans YidC gene.  Membrane proteins are inserted at the BamHI/SpeI restriction sites where there is an existing 754 base pair restriction fragment. 

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Transcription is induced with IPTG and driven by the T7 RNA polymerase. The plasmid is designed for expression in E. coli

The CL7 tag for purification is located at the C-terminus, downstream of a PreScission protease (PSC) cleavage site and His8 tag.

Plasmid #9 includes a PSC cleavage site directly adjacent to the target protein and upstream of both the His8 and CL7 purification tags. 

The plasmid contains a His8 tag located downstream of the target protein and cleavage tag but upstream of the CL7 tag.

EXPIRATION | 6 months from receipt when stored as directed

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