Custom Protein Purification Services

Purifications that typically take ≥4 days to get 95% purity, we can do in 1 day with 97-99% purity.

TriAltus offers custom purification services for recombinant proteins. We know the protein purification process can be time-consuming and labor intensive. Let our expert team of scientists design, express, and purify your protein of interest.

Our Process

• Protein purification is often a multi-step, multi-day process.

• With each additional step, purity is gained but yield is lost.

How we differ from the competition:

• Our CL7 affinity tag has a highly specific affinity to its immunity binding partner protein called Im7.

• The CL7/Im7 protein purification system allows for loading in high salt conditions, which washes out impurities more stringently.

• Clean, tag-free protein (protease elution removes the affinity tag)

• We can purify your protein in one-step with ultra-high purity (97-99%).

• That means faster delivery time and greater yield with the highest possible purity.

Request a quote below by filling out the form with detailed information about the protein you want to express. A member of our team will look over the information and contact you that day or within 24 hours. For any questions, send us an email at