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Plasmid #03

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Plasmid #3 serves as a template for tagging target proteins with N-terminal CL7 tag. It has three options for the 5’ placement of target genes (see cloning options below), and XhoI is the 3’ cloning site.  All three options require a stop codon encoded in the 3’ cloning primer.  There is an existing 1711 base pair restriction fragment inserted at the HindIII/XhoI restriction sites.

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Transcription is induced with IPTG and driven by the T7 RNA polymerase. The plasmid is designed for expression in E. coli

The CL7 tag for purification is fused to the N-terminus of the target protein, upstream of the SUMO cleavage site. 


Plasmid #3 includes two protease sites: a SUMO and Sortase A (SRT) cleavage site exist between the CL7 binding site and downstream target protein. 

The plasmid includes an N-terminal thioredoxin (Trx) tag upstream of the CL7 tag. 

1. HindIII/XhoI Insertion Site – Trx | CL7 | SUMO | SRT | Gene of Interest

2. KpnI/XhoI Insertion Site – Trx | CL7 | SUMO | Gene of Interest

3. Bsu36I/XhoI Insertion Site – Trx | CL7 | SUMO | Gene of Interest

    The Bsu36I/XhoI insertion scheme maintains the Gene of Interest’s wildtype sequence without adding any extra residues. The N-terminus of the Gene of Interest must include the following to complete the SUMO C-terminal sequence:

    EXPIRATION | 6 months from receipt when stored as directed

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