Gentle Elution Buffer

Gentle Elution Buffer

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Why use Gentle Elution Buffer?

Gentle Elution Buffer allows for elution of CL7-tagged proteins from Im7 resin and/or regeneration of Im7 resin without denaturing effects. The high salt and near-neutral pH of Gentle Elution Buffer maintains the native structure of the target protein and the Im7 resin ligand without need for subsequent refolding steps. The eluted protein remains fused to the CL7 tag.

Gentle Elution Buffer is composed of 3.6 M MgCl2, 20 mM MES, pH 6.6.

Gentle Elution Buffer is also a component of TriAltus' Starter Kit in a 100 mL volume.

Store at 4°C


250 mL: 50-2783

1 L: 50-2790

3.8 L: 50-2793

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