TriAltus Bioscience to Present Abstract on Single-Step Cas9 Protein Purification with CL7/Im7 Affinity Tag System at PepTalk 2020

Breakthrough technique enables rapid, high-purity production of Cas9 proteins supporting accurate and efficient CRISPR genome editing

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– TriAltus Bioscience, LLC, transforming protein-based research, announced its participation and poster presentation at the 19th annual PepTalk: The Protein Science Week. The PepTalk 2020 conference, one of the largest annual gatherings of protein science researchers in the world, will be held January 20 – 24 at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront.

TriAltus poster 55B, Purification of Cas9 at ~99% Purity in a Single Chromatographic Step, will be presented Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday, January 21-22, 2020. The poster abstract highlights the use of the company’s ultra-high-affinity CL7/Im7 affinity tag system with optimized reagents and methods to produce extra-pure (99%) samples of Cas9 in a single chromatographic step in a single day.

The Cas9 enzyme, responsible for locating and editing target DNA in CRISPR-Cas systems, is a key element of CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) gene editing technology, used to correct genetic defects and treat cancer and other diseases. The purity of Cas9 protein is directly correlated to CRISPR editing efficiency. Previously, extra-pure Cas9 samples could only be obtained using multi-day, multi-step methods.

“Achieving high purity in Cas9 and other endonucleases is critically important for basic research and expanded application of CRISPR genome editing systems in biotechnology, bioprocessing and medicine,” said TriAltus CEO Bob Shufflebarger. “Our participation in PepTalk 2020 gives us the opportunity to educate the research community about our advanced CL7/Im7 purification system for the efficient, simple, cost-effective purification of complex proteins.”

The TriAltus system is based on the ultra-high-affinity interaction between a variant of the Colicin E7 DNAse (CL7) and its inhibitor, immunity protein 7 (Im7). The Im7 inhibitor is covalently crosslinked to agarose beads, while the CL7 domain is expressed as a fusion tag with the target Cas9 protein.

With the recent launch of its Activated Im7 affinity chromatography resin, TriAltus more than doubled the protein purification system’s original binding capacity from 15 – 20 mg/ml to 35 – 40 mg/ml of CL7-tagged protein.

TriAltus representatives will be available throughout the conference at booth #422 to answer questions about the advanced CL7 protein purification system. The TriAltus Cas9 single-step purification poster and other informational materials are available to read on our website.

More than 1,300 leaders and researchers from academia, biotech and pharma gather annually at PepTalk to hear from industry experts and take advantage of topic-focused conferences, short courses, poster presentations, training seminars and interactive roundtables. More than 175 posters will be presented at PepTalk 2020.

Simple, reusable and resilient, TriAltus’ Activated Im7 Resin has been used to purify a variety of proteins – including membrane, multisubunit, and Cas9 and Cas12a CRISPR-associated proteins. The Im7 resin is capable of up to 100 reactivations, retaining a 1:1 molar binding ratio.

The CL7 technology was invented by a team led by Dmitry Vassylyev, Ph.D., TriAltus co-founder and professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB). The foundational study was published in 2017 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. TriAltus offers a limited free sample program for researchers to validate the CL7/Im7 system in their own labs.

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TriAltus Bioscience, LLC ( provides life scientists with tools for production and purification of genetically engineered proteins. Our novel affinity tag system delivers proteins with ultra-high purity and yield in a single step. TriAltus Bioscience holds the exclusive, worldwide license to the CL7 protein purification technology platform, which was licensed from UAB in 2018. For more information, visit our website, connect with us on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter, or email us at or call 205-453-8242. For commercial use or resale, contact us at


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