TriAltus Advances Toward ISO 13485 Certification 🌟

At TriAltus, our dedicated team of scientists is proud to announce our ongoing journey towards ISO 13485 certification. While we anticipate achieving this milestone later this year, we're thrilled to operate in compliance with these stringent standards right now. 

✅ We are now producing high-quality recombinant proteins in alignment with ISO 13485 standards.

✅ TriAltus is eager to explore future collaborations and partnerships. If you're seeking custom, top-tier recombinant proteins, let's connect!

Why TriAltus?

✅ Our experienced team ensures the highest quality in protein production.

✅ Operating in compliance with ISO 13485 demonstrates our dedication to excellence.

Embark on a journey of quality and innovation with TriAltus. 🤝 Reach out if you're ready to forge new possibilities in protein research!  #ProteinProduction #CollaborateWithTriAltus