Seeking the Perfect Plasmid for Your CLīM System Journey?

Discover TriAltus' extensive collection of predesigned cloning plasmids, crafted by scientists to seamlessly introduce the CL7 tag to your protein of interest. 🧪 Our plasmids offer versatile cloning options for various protein types, allowing CL7-tagging at both the N and C terminus.

Key Features:

✅  Versatility: Tailored plasmids designed to accommodate diverse protein types.

✅ CL7-Tagging: Easily introduce the CL7 tag at both the N and C terminus of your protein.

✅  Simplified Cloning: Unique restriction enzyme cut sites in each plasmid make cloning a breeze for your coding sequence.

Explore our Plasmid Guide to find the perfect match for your research needs. 📚 Visit for expert insights. Let the CLīM System journey begin! 🚀 #CLiMSystem #PlasmidGuide #TriAltusInnovation