Highly pure and active recombinant AapCas12b

🔬 Our company is proud to offer highly pure and active recombinant AapCas12b for your cutting-edge research needs. 🌟

Cas12b, a member of the CRISPR-Cas family, boasts unique features such as its dual cutting activities (cis and trans) which offer distinct advantages over other CRISPR systems. Leveraging its collateral "trans-cleavage" activity that cuts non-target single-stranded DNA, Cas12b enables sensitive and specific detection of nucleic acid sequences. Coupled with fluorescent reporters or signal amplification systems, Cas12b-based biosensors allow real-time monitoring of cellular processes, disease biomarkers, and environmental contaminants. 🦠

Cas12b-based biosensors have shown promise in various fields, including infectious disease diagnostics, environmental monitoring, and agricultural testing. In infectious disease diagnostics, Cas12b biosensors have been utilized to detect viral RNA, bacterial DNA, or other pathogen-specific nucleic acid sequences with high sensitivity and specificity, enabling rapid and accurate diagnosis of infectious diseases such as COVID-19, influenza, and tuberculosis.

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