TriAltus Plasmid Guide

TriAltus’ Vectors

TriAltus has a wide-range of E. coli expression vectors that provide different features for your protein. All vectors are kanamycin resistant, controlled by a T7 promoter and overexpression is induced with IPTG. Read more below. 

GenBank files of each plasmid’s sequence are available for download.

Need help picking a plasmid?

We want you to spend less time picking the right plasmid and more time purifying your protein so here’s some advice on where to start:

multisubunit protein

Multisubunit Proteins

Multisubunit proteins may work well with Plasmid 1.



large, multimeric protein

Large or Multimeric Proteins

Large or multimeric proteins may do well with one of the 30’s (Plasmid 31, 32, 33, or 34), since it has a long spacer arm with multiple protease sites to maximize chances of successful cleavage. 

Membrane Proteins

Membrane Proteins

For membrane proteins, plasmid 9plasmid 10 are good to try with the engineered signal peptide. 

Plasmid Groups


Plasmid Selection Charts

After that it’s a matter of which end you want to tag, whether you want to double tag with His, and whether you want to try an expression tag (e.g. TRX, MBP, SUMO). Below are 4 plasmid charts that we’ve created to further help you choose the right plasmid:

Group 1 Plasmids
For membrane proteins.
Group 20 Plasmids
N-terminal expression and CL7 tags.

These plasmids each have a TRX expression tag and a N-terminal CL7 tag cleavable by SUMO. The main difference between Plasmid 21 and Plasmid 22 is that Plasmid 22 also has a C-terminal His-tag (for dual-tag purposes).

Group 30 Plasmids
N-terminal expression and C-terminal CL7 tags.

Group 30 Plasmids have a longer spacer arm between the target & the bead, so they are good for big or bulky proteins.

Multi-Subunit Plasmids
For expression of multiple subunits (ex. telomerase)

Group 1 Membrane Proteins

Group 20 N-Terminal Expression & CL7 Tags

Group 30 N-Terminal Expression & C-terminal CL7 Tags

Multi-Subunit Vectors

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