Top 5 TriAltus Blog Posts of 2020

top trialtus blog posts

2020 shone a massive spotlight on the importance of research as scientists across the globe have worked to combat COVID-19. TriAltus has been honored to support many types and stages of research and to serve as a resource to people looking to learn more about the vast world of protein purification. Take a look at what posts people read most frequently on TriAltus’ blog in the past year!

Interpreting the OD 260/280 Ratio for Protein Purity

The OD 260/280 ratio is a valuable tool in protein purification; it serves as a guidepost for the purity and composition of a sample. This blog post will talk about the importance of measuring this value throughout the process of purifying proteins.

High Salt Loading Conditions

high salt loading buffer

When conducting affinity purification of a protein, there are many variables to consider in order to optimize purity and yield. One such condition to control is high salt loading, which decreases impurities in the final product.

pH and Protein Purification

ph and protein purification

This blog post about pH in the context of protein purification is the third in a series about optimizing conditions for protein purification. Although pH is most commonly seen as an issue in ion-exchange chromatography, it also plays a critical role in affinity tag protein purification.

Purifying Proteins in Denaturing Conditions

denaturing conditions

Using denaturing conditions is a way to coax insoluble proteins into solution by reducing hydrophobic effects and unfolding the aggregates. Denaturing agents are also useful for testing protein folding dynamics, protein elution from a column, and regenerating a resin column.

RNP Complex Delivery for CRISPR/Cas

Improvements on the methods and manner of delivery of ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complexes have been made in order to improve efficiency and minimize off-target effects. This blog post reviews the current state of RNP complex delivery systems.

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