About Us

Our Vision

TriAltus is committed to transforming the research proteins market, making it simpler and more affordable to obtain high quality protein products.


A Novel Protein Purification Approach

In 2017, Dmitry Vassylyev, PhD, a professor at the University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB), published a paper outlining a novel protein purification technology. This CL7/Im7 ultra-high affinity method produces proteins at a higher yield, purity, and activity than traditional methods such as His-tag, all in a single step. 

TriAltus formed in order to commercialize this technology and make it available to other scientists who could incorporate the system into their own research.


TriAltus Bioscience holds the exclusive, worldwide license to the CL7 protein purification technology platform. It was licensed from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.  An international patent filing has been made with protection being sought in the United States, Europe, and other major markets. The CL7 purification technology is available for research use. For commercial use or resale, contact us at sales@trialtusbioscience.com to discuss commercial licensing. 

Management Team

Bob Shufflebarger

Co-Founder and CEO

Dmitry Vassylyev, PhD

Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer