About TriAltus Bioscience

Our Vision

To transform the research proteins market, making it more simple and more affordable to obtain needed materials so scientists can spend more time conducting novel research.

The Problem with Proteins

In 2013, Dmitry Vassylyev, PhD—a professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)—began working on a project which required ultra-pure proteins. His expertise is in crystallography—the science of growing ultra-pure crystals of complex proteins to understand their structure and mechanisms of action. In fact, in 25 years as a crystallographer, Dr. Vassylyev holds an enviable track record of helping to solve more than 50 protein structures.

The process of purifying proteins can often become a major bottleneck in research, as it did once again for Dr. Vassylyev. Since he couldn’t obtain the results he needed with existing commercially-available methods, he set out to find a better, faster, cost-effective solution.

He didn’t want to just create a marginally better method, so he scoured the entire PubChem database of all known molecular compounds to find the best one for his work. He looked for a binding system with extraordinary binding strength; one that could withstand harsh conditions—such as high temperature and high-salt concentration—so impurities would be washed out leaving the desired target protein intact.

The Holy Grail of Protein Purification

He and his team were successful, finding an outstanding solution that achieved what crystallographers call the HHH-Rule—high yield, high purity and high activity—the “holy grail of protein purification.” (That’s the reason for our company name: “TriAltus” is Latin for “triple high.”)

Dr. Vassylyev then published this work in a top-tier scientific journal and filed a patent application. A local entrepreneur, Bob Shufflebarger, read about this technology and within months, TriAltus Bioscience was formed to commercialize this technology and make it available to other scientists who could benefit from it.  

Why CL-7 Is Relevant

Proteins are the center of the universe in life science research because all processes taking place are caused by the actions of proteins. Enzymes, hormones, antibodies, hemoglobin, and collagen are all made of proteins. And proteins conduct all of the work, from cellular maintenance, to defense, transport and reproduction. Understanding the structure, and function of proteins is critical in life science research and medicine, and has become the driving force in biopharmaceutical research since nearly all drugs act on proteins to enhance or inhibit natural processes. Helping these scientists conduct their work more quickly, efficiently, and with higher quality products is our reason for being.

Technology License

TriAltus Bioscience holds the exclusive, worldwide license to the CL-7 protein purification technology platform. It was licensed from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) in Birmingham, Alabama USA.  An international patent filing has been made with protection being sought in the United States, Europe, and other major markets. The CL-7 purification technology is available for research use. For commercial use or resale, contact us at sales@trialtusbioscience.com to discuss commercial licensing. 

Management Team

Bob Shufflebarger

Co-Founder and CEO

Dmitry Vassylyev, PhD

Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer